Glenn Greenwald gets it right, almost.

A major difference between conservatives and progressives

The Right marched in uncritical, creepy devotion to Bush for the first six years of his presidency. The Left has been leading the way in criticizing Obama when warranted.

I have been less than happy with a number of decisions to come out of the Obama administration. Glenn has a good laundry list of those very decisions, but the one he missed is the Obama approach to health care.

The Obama plan simply doesn’t go far enough. What does? Ask Healthcare-NOW!. HR 676 (The United States National Health Care Act, H.R. 676) is the only real solution to the health care crisis in this nation. Apparently, though, the Obama administration lacks the political courage to even bring this one to the table. And why is that? Because the private insurance industry has so much to lose. Roughly 10% of the cost of all health care, to be specific. And they are using a lot of that money to lobby everyone (Democrats and Republicans alike) to keep HR 676 from ever becoming reality.

The total reduction in cost to the American public would be around 30% of all health care costs. How, you ask?

Administrative Savings
The General Accounting Office projects an administrative savings of 10 percent through the elimination of private insurance bills and administrative waste, or $150 billion in 2002. This savings would pay for providing medical care to those currently under served.

Cost Containment
The Congressional Budget Office projects that single payer would reduce overall health costs by $225 billion by 2004 despite the expansion of comprehensive care to all Americans. No other plan projects this kind of savings.
Source: What is single-Payer?

It’s time to bring this to the table and seriously talk about it. Enough of the “it’s not politically feasible” talk. If we the people demand it, anything can be “politically feasible”.


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