Finally, we are hearing some truth from politicians…

Drug-fueled madness! | Salon
Our nation’s narcotics policy, that is. But there’s good news as Hillary Clinton and Sen. Jim Webb take baby steps toward sanity.

[…] Though President Barack Obama childishly laughed at a question about legalization during his recent town hall meeting, his government implicitly admits that marijuana is safer than light beer. Indeed, as federal agencies acknowledge alcohol’s key role in deadly illnesses and domestic violence, their latest anti-pot fear mongering is an ad campaign insisting — I kid you not — that marijuana is dangerous because it makes people zone out on their couches and diminishes video-gaming skills.

(This is your government on drugs: Cirrhosis and angry tank-topped lushes beating their wives are more acceptable risks than stoners sitting in their basements ineptly playing “Halo.” … Any questions?) […]

The truth? Prohibition fails. Always. It creates a violent black market for that which is prohibited. Telling someone they can’t have something, no matter what, simply makes that thing more desirable.

Marijuana is safer than tobacco or alcohol. It’s long term effects are minor compared to either of those legal drugs. And legalization with taxation would create a huge new income stream for government, while at the same time decimating Mexican drug cartels. Kudos to Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va, who seems to get it.

Last week, this first-term lawmaker proposed creating a federal commission to examine potential changes to the prison system, including a relaxation of marijuana statutes. […]

“The elephant in the bedroom in many discussions on the criminal justice system is the sharp increase in drug incarceration,” he said in a speech, later telling the Huffington Post that pot legalization “should be on the table.” […]


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