Barbara is at the hospital being readied for her surgery

lasarina transferred over to Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center late Monday evening. She is here for pre-operative clearances. If all goes as expected, she will have surgery to close the abdominal fistulas and her surgical wound sometime within the next 10 days to 2 weeks. She’s in her 16th week on TPN (while taking no food by mouth), and is really looking forward to eating again.

No matter how much you tell yourself (intellectually) that you are getting all the nutrition you need through that PICC line, the “lizard brain” still continues to insist that you are starving to death because you are not eating. Bowel rest cannot possibly be fun in any sense of the word. Since 7-Aug of this year, she has had nothing by mouth but water, ice chips, and crushed medications mixed with the bare minimum of pudding to make the pills palatable (sort of).

I will let you all know when we have a final date set for the surgery. I am not at all too proud to ask for your prayers, meditations, good wishes, or whatever you call them in your belief system. I am also not kidding myself. There’s a very real chance she won’t survive this intervention (about 10%, per the surgeon). So please, send her your best wishes, and light a candle if you are so inclined, on the day of her surgery.

And on the topic of good wishes, this hospital has an electronic greetings system if you are inclined to send her a note. It can be found at . The things you will need to know in order to send her a note:

Patient’s name: Barbara Shaw
Patient’s Hospital: Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center
Patient’s Room Number: C505

You can bypass the address / phone information if you want. It’s not required. Name probably isn’t either, though I didn’t test that. Thanks for having been here for us throughout the past 14 months of this ordeal. And please, help Christine Miserandino (of fame) whenever you can. She’s doing some great work for the Lupus research organizations. Lupus really can kill, and it’s still too little understood, and too frequently undiagnosed until it’s in very late stages.

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