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First, we all need to wish lasarina a very happy birthday today! I am far too much the gentleman to say how old she is, so don’t even ask!

And now that the staph infection is coming under control, and her probable surgery date is therefore after the New Year, we’ve been told that lasarina will probably have to go back to the LTAC for the remainder of this year. It’s an issue of “not sick enough to stay at acute care hospital” under insurance guidelines for that interim. We don’t know exactly when that will happen, but it’s most likely going to be sometime next week. So, really, nothing surprising in that.

She did get some really good news last night though. Her surgeon dropped by, and discussed her status with us. You’ve already heard all of the risk talk, so I won’t repeat that. Bottom line of the visit? He will do the surgery. He wants to start some anatomical studies (CT, etc) to get a good look at exactly what’s going on inside before he gets in there. But he is a man of his word (that’s his reputation, and his stated position) so once he commits, he doesn’t back out. And he committed.

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