On the road again…

lasarina is currently undergoing the last planned preoperative test. She has already been evaluated by Kindred, and we have been informed that she will return to the LTAC as soon as all the paperwork is in order, which will be likely tomorrow or Saturday. Then it’s going to be “sit and wait” for a surgery date to be scheduled. That will likely be after the New Year starts.

She is already starting to convince herself that this is going to end up just like it did with the last surgeon. I’m doing my best to reassure her, but I don’t really know for certain it won’t. All I have to go on is the surgeon’s word and his reputation. The last one had a great reputation too, and look where that got us.

And of course, she is going to be spending Yule in the hospital, and that has her more than a little depressed. It’s her absolute favorite holiday, and we can’t even really make her room festive (yet) because we keep having to collect and move her personal belongings. This time last year we had just taken her home and things were looking up for the holidays.

It’s been 19 weeks. It’s going to be at least 3 more weeks before the surgery. Then there is the recovery time from that before we can finally go home again. Valentine’s Day, anyone? I miss: sharing my bed, my office, her pets. I am tired of hospital food. She’s tired of no food.

Rant over. Return to your original broadcast, already in progress.

ETA: Never mind. The test didn’t happen and the schedule is in a state of flux again. I really wish these people understood the impact they have on real folks lives when they equivocate like this.

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