Surgery for Lasarina [UPDATED]

lasarina is scheduled for major surgery on Monday morning (25-Jan). Yes, that surgery. She will be taken to surgery at the “first surgical time of the day”, whatever that means which, according to wildcatrose, is 7:00 AM CT. I suspect it means that she’ll be taken for surgical prep at O-Dark-Thirty that morning. She will leave for surgical prep at around 5:00 AM CT.

This is the very big, very long, moderately risky surgery I have made reference to in the past. Surgeons will close the intestinal fistulas, reconnect all three segments of her intestines (stomach on through to rectum), and then use some sort of “patch” to close the abdominal opening that has been there (in one form or another) since Sep-2008.

I’ve noted before that this is a risky surgery. I’m also putting everyone on notice that it is expected to be a 6 – 8 hour procedure. Once she leaves the OR, she will be admitted to the ICU for an expected stay of 7 – 10 days. I will try to update as time permits, but I won’t be making a lot of calls to everyone I know.

You want to know what’s going on? Check here. If there is news, this is where I will put it. Here, and on Twitter. ( My Twitter stream is highly political and active normally, so don’t sign up and follow just for this event. I don’t intend to answer my phone every few minutes, so don’t even try.

If someone wants to volunteer to setup a phone/LJ/text tree for status updates, I’ll happily feed the trunk person of the tree. Talk among yourselves and let me know if you want to do something of that nature. If I get more than one “volunteer” for trunk, I’ll expect you to decide who takes point, and then let me know.

All good thoughts, energies, workings, prayers, or whatever you call them are not just welcome, but greatly appreciated. This is the big moment. It all comes down to this day.

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