Exciting evening…

Now that things have settled down, I’ll run over the events of the night for you, my dear readers. Around 6:45pm Saturday, as I was keeping company at the hospital, I noticed a somewhat strange expression on lasarina‘s face. I made a joking comment about the expression, and it changed to an odd looking expression of puzzlement. She didn’t understand what I was talking about.

So I asked her to smile for me, and I realized that she had lost control of the facial muscles on her left side from the cheek down. My first thought was stroke, particularly since she had been complaining of a headache for about an hour. I went to the nurse’s station and told them what I suspected. At least 3 nurses followed me back to her room.

They started taking vital signs and doing the usual assessments. The decision was made to call the house doctor. He arrived within a few minutes, and examined her, asked some questions, and went to call her attending. A few minutes passed, and he returned to tell us she was being transferred to ER for evaluation for stroke. Let me tell you, they don’t waste much time when they suspect stroke.

HFD paramedics arrived within 5 minutes, and did their own quick assessment of her condition. Then they loaded her up, and off to the Memorial Hermann ER we went. The ride was all of 5 minutes, if that. Upon arrival at the ER, we went straight to an examining room. The "stroke team" was waiting on her, and immediately went to work getting history, symptoms, blood for tests, etc. There were at least 6 members of the staff in that room at one point.

CAT scan was ordered and performed. Chest X-ray too. After maybe an hour, we were told that they didn’t really think it was a stroke. They wanted to keep her and do some more neurological work-ups in the morning, but the primary suspicion at this point was Bell’s Palsy . The symptoms do fit, and her history is consistent with that diagnosis as well. But since it is a diagnosis of exclusion (love that, don’t you?) they have to test for all the other things that could cause these same symptoms.

So, she is sleeping now, in the MIMU at Memorial Hermann. I am by her side, in the most gods-awful chair you can imagine. How will this affect the scheduled surgery on Monday? Well, to be honest, we don’t know yet. The fact that it probably was not stroke related is a good sign. I guess we will know more when we see the doctor in the morning.

Thanks to everyone for their concern, energy, prayers, etc. We do appreciate it, and firmly believe it helps.

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