Been a few days [Barbara]

Things are going well, all in all. She’s gotten much stronger in the last few days. Her cognition has returned to full normal. Still sleeping a lot, but she did just spend almost two weeks in sepsis, so that’s expected and appropriate. She’s really doing very well.

Had a bit of a ‘Come to Jesus’ meeting with administration at the hospital today. Some aspects of their care were slipping a bit, and we felt that we should get ahead of that before it became too big of an issue. No need to go into details publicly. The administrator we spoke with (2nd in command here) talks a good game. Now we’ll see if he walks the walk. He’s new here, and we already know that one of the problem employees has been let go even before we spoke to him.

Thanks to everyone for your concern. We do appreciate it. I don’t know how to express that strongly enough.

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