Dear Brighid, why do you have so much faith in me?

Our show papillon, Flirt, is critically ill. I rushed her to the nearest vet that was still open around 12:30 today. She apparently didn’t eat last night. This morning she was lethargic, shaky, and had urinated on herself. That last happens occasionally, so it didn’t seem like to big a deal.

I went home upon hearing she didn’t seem well. I found her shaky but responsive. Decided to bathe her and take her to vet as a precaution. She crashed into deep shock post bath, and has required resuscitation once already.

You sure She never gives you more than you can handle?


ETA: Flirt passed beyond the veil about 3:30pm. Turns out she had massive organ failure due to undiagnosed diabetes. Barbara does not know yet. I haven’t been able to reach her.

ETA 2: Barbara knows now.

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