Fire update

6 cats still unaccounted for. Only animal that appears to have survived is one dog. There were 3 dogs and 8 cats. The house and contents are a total loss.

Per Laura:

We need bigger sized clothes. Gryphon is a 4X and, I think, a size 60 pants; mom is a 3X and prefers skirts and dresses; I am XL-2XL and wear 28 jeans, 52 men’s work pants; Jade wears XL and, I think, size 30 pants, but also fits 16-18 dresses (which she’d prefer some of as well). Mom wears 9 1/2-10 shoes, I think; I wear around 9 1/2W shoes; gryphon and jade wear size 10 boots, I believe.

Her paypal is and they haven’t gotten around to setting up an account at her Mom’s bank yet. Kathleen won’t be needing clothing for a few weeks, I would imagine, and sizes may change while she is hospitalized. Keep that in mind.


is in ICU [burn ward] at Herman Memorial with over 30% of her body burned. They expect her to be there at least a month. Please send silk or plastic flowers to Kathleen Courtney. The family needs help finding the 6 missing house cats. If anyone in the Houston area has available time to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have the address where they are currently staying, but I will not post that here. If you need it, contact me back-channel.

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