Minor concern (Barbara)

I went home last night, so what happened? You guessed it. lasarina developed a fever of unknown origin overnight. They are running all the usual cultures. Her WBC (White Blood Count) is normal so far. Fever could be a drug reaction, or it could be an infection that her immune system is not reacting to fully. With her immune system issues, her WBC may just be slow to react.

In addition, her esophagus is still too swollen to safely remove the vent tube, so she is still intubated. This is more disturbing to her than the fever, because it means her ability to communicate is severely limited. She is extremely afraid of becoming vent dependent or requiring a trach. They are medicating for the emotional issues.

On a good note: Her nurse today told me that one person can stay overnight in the room with her, and they will provide a sleeper sofa. So no more sleeping in the waiting room on chairs and footstools! Also, she is going to confirm this part, but she believes I was misinformed about cell phones and computers being prohibited from the unit. If that part is true, I can spend much more time each day with her than I have so far, and still be able to work and stay in touch with the outside world.

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