Barbara update

Moving to roughly weekly on the updates, as not much is changing right now. Surgical site is healing well. She’s still finding eating to be difficult, and because of that, is still on supplemental Parenteral nutrition. Her stomach apparently shrunk a lot. So besides the tummy tuck, this whole incident also gave her the same effect as a gastric band.

Doctors are preventing her from losing weight right now, because she really needs high caloric intake to maintain the healing process. She was supposed to have her first follow up appointment with the surgeon today, but that didn’t happen. His office called at the last minute to reschedule it. I have no idea why, but I do know they were rescheduling all of his appointments for today. So now she goes next Tuesday for that follow up.

Her rehab is not progressing very well, probably at least partly because of the nutrition issues. She’s extremely weak, and right now is managing only about 45 minutes a day of sitting up. Standing or walking are still out of the question.

In other, mostly unrelated, news, I dropped the passenger front wheel of Barbara’s car into a hole, and destroyed the tire and wheel. Likely damaged the front end too, but won’t know for sure until tomorrow. Taking until then to get a replacement wheel. Remember that line from Hee-Haw? “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all?” That’s how I am about her car.

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