Semi-regular update on Barbara

Today, Barbara’s doctor ordered the end of the TPN. Not because she’s eating enough yet. She’s not. Rather it is because the risk of infection is simply too great on that stuff. Eliminating it was the main justification for this surgery in the first place.

So what now? Well, she either starts eating enough, or they start supplementing with fluid feeding through a nasal gastric tube. That’s what you call motivation. As you might imagine, she hates the idea of tube feeding.

In other news, we are starting the application process for SSDI and SSI. She has finally agreed to do this. It’s very hard for her, emotionally, to accept that she is “disabled” enough to be unable to work. Of course, she is, and has been for about 18 months. Intellectually, she knows that. Emotionally is a completely different thing though.

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