Talk about an understatement… PBS admits ignoring single payer was a mistake

Healthcare-NOW! – PBS ombudsman: Ignoring single payer was a mistake

Yes, PBS Frontline erred by not covering single payer in their program Obama’s Deal. More importantly, in my mind, they erred significantly in the manner of editing the interview with Dr. Flowers of PHNP. Dr. Flowers is not an angry leftist. The single payer protests were a significant element of the process, regardless of the producers’ denial. Single payer is still favored by a large segment of the nation, including doctors. What that percentage is depends on who is asking, and how they phrase the question. The lowest number I have read is 37%. The highest is 67%.

Read the PBS Ombudsman. He makes some good points. Yes, it’s too late in this Congress to hope for single payer. But that’s no reason to stop talking about it. The only way we will ever get what we want is to continue to ask for it, and to explain it to anyone who will listen.


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