Latest on Barbara’s Recovery

Today we were informed that she is not sick enough to stay at the LTAC. Unfortunately, she is also not well enough to come home, or even to go to acute rehab. She simply isn’t strong enough for either option. So, she has to go to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). For those not in the know, SNF is the politically correct term for a nursing home.

This decision is being driven entirely by the insurance company. SNFs are less expensive than the LTAC. That is the only reason for this move. In about a week, the insurance company will stop paying the LTAC.

Yes, she is freaked by this development. She used to be a social worker assigned to some of the worst SNFs in the state. It was her job to fix them. So she has only ever seen bad ones.

I will be touring the proposed facility sometime this week. I hope it is as good as the social worker at the LTAC seems to think it is.

In other news, her surgical follow up was also today. They removed the staples and sutures. She has another follow up in one month, to be preceded by a CT scan the prior week. Her healing is progressing quite well, especially considering the complexity of her medical condition.

If you are so inclined, say a prayer for her to be able to handle SNF confinement, and for continued improvement of overall strength. I would really like to be able to bring her home.


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  1. Kellye says:


    I’m just now seeing this. I know this is frustrating for you both as well as scary but there is a silver lining that I see. If she isn’t “sick enough” to warrant LTAC anymore and she isn’t in the hospital, it means one thing. She is improving!

    I know this was unexpected. I hope (and believe) that since she is very much in her right mind and able to speak up for herself she will be treated well. Heck, I would like to think that she would regardless and perhaps so, but it definitely works in her favor to be able to speak up if there is something she doesn’t like. Also, with you there as much as you are able that will help as well. You may want to consider staggering your visiting times so that they are not predictable.

    Above all, just keep repeating “this too shall pass”. Meanwhile, I am still looking forward to that cup of coffee with you two once she is sprung from confinement.

    Hugs to you both,

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