Are we on the brink of another Civil War?

Driving in this morning, looking at the scary bumper stickers on the monster pickup trucks and SUVs, this Progressive Texan (yes, we exist) was contemplating the dangerous seditious rhetoric originating from the Far Right. I have to admit I was seriously considering whether I need to move my family out of the “Southern States” before the Confederacy rises again.

The Governor of Texas is on the record as supporting secession. He incorrectly states that Texas has the right to do so. [1][2] The Tea Party leaders in Oklahoma want an armed state militia to “combat federal encroachment” [3]. We’ve seen the Hutaree militia and their plans to attack our law enforcement [4]. The clear trend here is toward more dangerous rhetoric, and we have already seen what happens when the “South” starts to think like this.

And it’s not just the South this time. In Ohio, a man carrying a sidearm approached Air Force One at the airport[5] and is defended as a civic minded “police buff”. And in the latest news, we have gun buffs in Pennsylvania organizing an event where junk cars which are intended to represent “liberal ideas”

such gun control, property tax, cap and trade, government-run health care, taxes and regulations on items such as tobacco and alcohol

are “shot up” to raise money for the Tea Party[6].

We Progressives tend to believe that we can convince people that we are right simply by using logic. I’m becoming very worried that we are dealing with people who are incapable of logic. Being the pacifist that I am, I am wondering where I should go to protect myself and those I care about. I think Texas is becoming a place that doesn’t meet that requirement. And I am sorry about that. I truly am.

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  1. ruthanng says:

    This time let ’em secede. You can come live with us .

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