Settled once again in the ICU

After much back and forth, Barbara was finally admitted under her surgeon. He put her back in the transplant ICU. That’s where she was originally post-surgery (about 6 weeks ago).

She’s more than a little unhappy. She spent 11 hours in the ER. Half that was NPO. She is still NPO, thirsty, grouchy, and generally unpleasant. The good news for her is that this unit permits one “primary support person” to stay overnight. So I will stay with her tonight, and then tomorrow, go to the SNF to get her belongings.

She is on a heparin drip to break down the clot and prevent formation of any more. Tomorrow they will do some more imaging studies to determine whether or not there is a new fistula. Even if there is, it will be minor, particularly compared to the risk posed by the clot.


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