The ‘Religious Right’ has a new crazy lady

Another example is a new anti-Muslim screed making the rounds on the Internet, criticizing what it calls efforts to “islamicize our schools.”

The author of the piece is Pamela Geller, a blogger and commentator popular in the far-right media (including the cable news networks). Think Ann Coulter, but with even less restraint or shame. Seriously.
TFN Insider

Wow. I’ve read the piece in question, and it is beyond insane. But even beyond the crazy of the piece itself, is the sheer religious bigotry found in the comments on her post. That, and the list of prominent people who admire her and her brand of crazy. Numerous Texas state politicians seem to be fans of her. See the TFN Insider article for who.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, she’s a birther, and apparently a proud supporter of Neo-Fascism, though she didn’t get to go to the conference in question. Which is really strange, given her Jewish descent.


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