Time for a Barbara update

It’s been a few days, and a couple of people have asked, so I guess I need to update. Not that much is new. Still in the hospital, being treated for clots and superficial wound infection. One thing that is new, though, is an increase in nausea leading to a reduced desire to eat anything. She’s had 2 or 3 episodes of vomiting in the past 3 days.

They are treating symptomatically with anti-nausea medications, but honestly, that’s not cutting it. I suspect the nausea is a drug side effect, perhaps from the pain medications. Her doctors have decided to call in the pain management team for a consult to see if they can make some suggestions.

That consult is a good idea anyway, because her current pain regimen isn’t really cutting it. She is generally asking for more pain medication before it’s due. Her pain level is never below about 6 or 7.

In other news, physical therapy is continuing in spite of the other issues. Today though, in deference to the nausea, she didn’t do the several hours in the chair. They worked on balance and leg exercise at the side of the bed, and stretches in the bed.


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  2. Pat Smith says:

    Praying for you both. What a brave woman she is. I went thro months of chemo and radiation but it did come to an end. Her suffering is much more difficult for you both. I pray that God wraps his arms around you both.

    Peace and love, Pat (pat1944)

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