COBRA Subsidies End. So What Now For Unemployed?

Daily Kos: Icebergs loom: COBRA subsidies end, high risk pools begin

Over the coming two months, Americans will begin to really feel the effects of our bold new 21st century healthcare system.

The first event (not connected to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is that the first round of COBRA subsidies will begin to expire.

The largest single group of people set to collectively roll-off of the COBRA subsidy could be the group that loses their subsidies in June. Anyone qualifying for the subsidy between September 2008 and March 2009 — a six month period when unemployment increased from 6.2% to 8.4%(2) — will have reached the end of their 15 subsidized months of COBRA in June 2010.

What will happen to these people? Many will join the ranks of the uninsured.

In the rest of the industrialized world, if you lose your job, you don’t lose you right to healthcare.

My only comment: Eve is right. Go read it.


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