Troubles continue for Barbara

Barbara apparently has some minor internal bleeding, presumably somewhere in the digestive tract, since it had a lot of work done recently. This afternoon, she is scheduled for an EGD to determine if the bleed is in the upper digestive tract. If not, she will have a colonoscopy done tomorrow or Friday.

She really needs long term blood thinners to treat the clot that was discovered a few weeks back, but every time she gets to a therapeutic level on the thinners, she starts to get anemic. So they need to find the source of apparent blood loss, and then decide what to do next. No one seems to think the wound is losing enough blood to account for the anemia, so the source is presumed to be internal.

That said, there’s been no blood in stools that has been detected, so who knows, thus the upper and lower scopes. Life never ceases to be interesting for her.

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