Golden Girls’ Rue McClanahan Dies (via E! Online)

Golden Girls’ Rue McClanahan Dies

The Golden Girls made a woman of Rue McClanahan.

McClanahan—who earned an Emmy along with, by her own assessment, a measure of courage playing Blanche Devereaux, the lustiest member of the sitcom classic’s retiree quartet—died early today from what was termed a massive stroke. She was 76.

I can’t lie. I loved The Golden Girls when I was growing up. I have always admired strong, self-assured women. If a TV show presented a woman that way, I probably watched it.

I will miss Rue McClanahan. And Blanche Devereaux. Rest in peace, until we meet again. No we never met in real life, but I feel I knew you nonetheless. I guess you were just that good an actress.


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