Barbara’s having a rough day [updated]

The term ‘altered mental state’ seems to apply today. She didn’t sleep well, and has been alternating between dream and semi-wakeful states all morning (since at least 5 am). She keeps coming out with comments and questions based on dreams she’s having. She is currently unable to distinguish between sleep and wake.

I’ve reported this to the nurse, and they intend to let the doctors know. I don’t think there have been any med changes to explain this. I do know that she was a bit low in potassium yesterday, and she has had an ongoing issue with edema (fluid retention). Neither of those explains neurological symptoms though, as far as I know.

I admit I am more than a little concerned with this turn of events. Hopefully, it really is just a ‘bad day’.


Doctor covering weekend for her attending was just here. After hearing the description of what was happening, his first thought was infection. I admit I had considered that possibility too, but wanted to wish it away. Barbara just doesn’t need more sepsis. He’s ordering cultures. Depending on the bug (if any) it can be 24-72 hours before the cultures reveal anything.

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