As The White Count Rises … [Updated]

Yes, you read that right. Barbara’s white count is climbing dramatically. She’s wheezing, and has had two breathing treatments in the past 12 hours. One of those was in response to an episode of waking up feeling like she couldn’t breathe. Interestingly, the doctor doesn’t think she has pneumonia. I know, because he hasn’t ordered a chest x-ray.

What he has ordered is for her central line to be removed, and a new line started. She needs IV access for medications still. He has also ordered IV antibiotics to start today. He said they can’t afford to wait for the cultures because of how quickly her white count is climbing.

So. Central line sepsis it is. Luckily, we are catching it early. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it has been in the past. I really don’t know if she can take another ICU stay. That’s so hard on her, not to mention what it does to me.

OK, doctor did order chest x-ray. They just did it. So pneumonia and sepsis? Wonderful.

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