Sign of the Economy?

My 2002 Ford Explorer needs engine work, and I cannot afford to do it. I also really can’t afford to own an SUV and run it in this economy either. Back when I bought it, things were quite different. I was making close to three times what I make now, I had Barbara (who found that SUV for me), and we liked to camp out regularly. Oh, and gas cost about half of what it does now. An SUV made sense.

Now, none of those factors are the same. The economy sucks, my income is way down, and I am alone. So, I decided to sell the Explorer. I discounted Blue Book by the estimated cost of the needed engine repairs. I tried for a couple of weeks, and got exactly one offer, of one-fourth the discounted asking price. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I told them no.

So, today, I donated it to the Houston Can! Academy. See, if it comes down to a choice of being taken for a ride, or donating a ride to a worthy cause, I prefer the latter. As it says on the website for the Texans Can schools:

Our mission is to provide a second chance for at-risk youth and their families to achieve economic independence and hope for a better life through relationship-based education and training.

Education. That’s something I can get behind.


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