It’s been a while

Yes, I have been absent for a while. I have been busy working out a multi-generational household, and all that entails. Of course, I’m still crying at odd times and for no apparent reason. But wait, you ask, what’s this about a “multi-generational household”? My adopted daughter Rebeccah and her family decided to move to Houston, and they needed a place to land until they could get on their feet. So, I offered them the empty space in this big house I live in.

You see, Barbara always wanted a big house, with lots of bedrooms, so that family would have a place to stay when they came to visit. Now that I am alone in that big space, and there is no family to come to visit, I found another use for the space. And let’s be brutally honest. Big empty house, grieving widow, living alone – that’s a recipe for disaster.

So Rebeccah, Kris, and their three daughters are here with me. I’ve always wanted to live in a multi-generational household, and I consider it the ideal environment if you can make it work. Our society makes it difficult, for certain, but we are going to give it our best.

So that’s where I have been.


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Well educated woman, transgender / transsexual, lesbian, Reiki practitioner, LGBT activist, polyamorous, and eclectic Pagan.
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