The netbook is dead. Long live the netbook!

Remember this post from last night? Well, guess what? I managed to resurrect my Acer Aspire One netbook just now. I love Acer. The Aspire One may be a little under-powered compared to full size laptops, but it “takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.” What happened last night was that it got dropped from a height of about 3 feet, and would power on but not attempt to boot. Not even a BIOS screen. It was on battery power when I couldn’t get it to boot.

During one of my periods of wakefulness (yes, I’m still having highly disturbed sleep), I realized that one thing I hadn’t tried was removing all power from the unit, and waiting a few seconds before attempting a reboot. I just tried that, and voilà! It works again. It’s just amazing. So now the insomniac can surf the net in bed again after all.


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