Like I didn’t have enough to worry about

The processing company my landlord uses to take debit card payments double charged me for this month’s rent. I contacted them, and they are going to refund the duplicate charge … in 3 business days. Money’s been tight with trying to get Kris enrolled in college this session, and Rebeccah trying to start her business. I so didn’t need this on top of everything else.

So guess what that means? Yes, we’re seriously overdrawn. And 3 business days is either Friday or Tuesday, depending on how they count it. Why not Monday, you ask? Because Monday is Columbus Day, one of those “bank holidays” that make no sense to those of us who live in the real world. We’ve got very little food in the house, and now we probably have to make it stretch to Tuesday.

And do you think they offered to cover the overdraft charges from their error? Well, of course not. And the bank told me they couldn’t do anything unless I wanted to file a claim against the processing company. They suggested I contact that company first. And they’re right of course. I don’t want to file a claim against a company when they are willing to correct their error. Still, the timing couldn’t be worse. FML.


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