Withdrawal arrives

Well, the first of my withdrawal symptoms have arrived. I am fighting extreme sleepiness (somnolence) and severe dizziness. I guess the good news is that I am starving. I’m actually hungry for the first time in months. The bad news is that I don’t feel competent to go down to the kitchen.

And a customer is pushing me to deal with a problem while I am in this state.


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  2. Bleuz00m says:

    Ernie, the hunger reaction specifically relates to your body trying to readjust the neurohormone balance, a reaction to the duloxetine overload. Don’t give in to sugar/carbohydrate/caffeine cravings, especially, to try to fight the sort-of sleep-walking daze. Consider switching to a modified Atkins/lower carb diet, w/ lots of fresh green and yellow veggies. The B vitamin needs are greater now, to help you through this. And consider adding at least one fresh! not-guacamole’d avocado a week. Its specific benefits will help your nerves, the ‘zaps.’

    Like I said… I’ve been there. You’ll be okay.

    This may be useful, too. You’re not alone!



    • Raven Xanadu says:

      Thank you so much Amy. How do you get fresh foods, though, when you can’t drive safely? And as for avocado? Sadly, I can’t go there. I developed a latex allergy while spending so many months caring for Barbara’s surgical wounds at home.

      I don’t know if you know this or not. Avocado is closely related to the source plant of latex. Eating avocado could result in anaphylactic shock, potentially killing me.

      Caffeine and carbs? Yeah, already craving those for certain. Did some caffeine last night to fight off what is likely withdrawal based headaches. Combining caffeine withdrawal and Cymbalta withdrawal really sucks. But I am trying. And low carb / modified Adkins is my preferred diet when I can eat right.

      Thanks also for the Yahoo link. I will read it carefully.

  3. Bleuz00m says:

    The reason for avocado? A source for linoleic acid, which is involved in nerve/tissue related eicosanoid chains and that whole neurohormone re-balancing that you’re going through. There are other food sources for linoleic acid; Wikipedia and Medscape have excellent suggestions… and some not-to-be-overlooked warnings about too much linoleic acid, too.

    I never realized.. or thought about avocados as being related to latex, but (lightbulb!) phew, you’re right! whoa!

    Happy to help, Ernie!


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