Last Night’s ER Visit

Yes, I went to the ER last night. The dizziness (diagnosed as vertigo, and no, not the Hitchcock movie) had reached the point where it was so severe that I was having difficulty with ADLs. I could barely stand or walk, and could not even consider driving to the doctor’s office. Earlier in the day I had made an appointment to see my PCP for this morning, but I wouldn’t have been able to get there alone.

I called 911, and requested emergency transport to the hospital. By the time I convinced myself to do so, I also had a blood pressure of 168/107, which climbed a bit more while I was being examined. I spent at least an hour arguing with myself that this didn’t warrant emergency treatment, and ultimately lost that argument.

Blood tests were run, a CAT scan was performed to rule out stroke, and history was taken. I had some difficulty recalling the words I wanted for some of what I was trying to tell them. The doctor thought that was probably due to stress. The elevated BP was diagnosed as part of an anxiety attack, brought on by the uncontrolled vertigo.

They didn’t find any specific problems. They treated my symptoms, and sent me home. I have an Rx for Antivert, which is a vertigo med. Other than that, they gave me IV Toradal for the headache, and monitored my condition for about 4 hours. I’m better today, but the vertigo is close. I can feel it trying to start again.

Various of my friends on twitter were instrumental in convincing me to do what was necessary. I can’t thank them enough for their concern and good counsel.


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  1. ravenesse (butyoudon'tlooksick) says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you had to go to the ER. 😦 I hope you are doing a little better. It is sad that it takes so long to get doctor appointments. I know in this area if I missed my appointment it could take me 3 months to get another one. New patients have to wait a month to get in. There is just more patients than doctors here.

    Gentle spoonie hugs, Tami

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