Today is Barbara’s birthday

It doesn’t matter that she is no longer here. December 12th will be her birthday as long as I draw breath. Ancient Egyptians believed that as long as your name was remembered, you would live on eternally. Every day, but most especially today, I remember the name of Barbara Allen Underwood Shaw. May she live on forever in fond memories for all who ever knew her, or even remotely knew of her.

This afternoon, some friends are coming over for potluck. We will sit together, and we will enjoy “Mary Poppins” in remembrance of her. Barbara loved everything about that movie, and liked to joke that her purse was every bit as capable of carrying a coat rack as Mary’s. Not to mention, for she was far too humble to do so, that Barbara was “practically perfect in every way.”

I have the two-disc 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of the film. I bought it for her as soon as it was released. I surprised her with it, really surprised her. She was always surprised when I listened to, and remembered, anything she said. Nor was it because I seldom did so, but rather it was because she didn’t imagine herself worthy of such attention.

I guess I’m rambling a bit more than normal, but it is 2am. I suppose I can be forgiven for rambling. And if not, well, no one is forcing you to read my drivel. (Just kidding.)


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