Dinner and movie

The dinner party turned out well. We had much fun, lots of good food, good company, and good laughs. Dinner was potluck, but clearly the guests made some arrangements in advance. J&D brought coq au vin, K&B brought vegetables, and yummy cookies for appetizers. I provided coffee and spirits, and baked fresh sourdough bread to go with dinner.

We toasted Barbara with some of her favorite spirits (12 year old “The Glenlivet”, and Chaucer’s Mead), drank red wine with dinner, and finished with Blue Bell Ultimate Neapolitan.

The Glenlivet was from a bottle purchase at least 5 years ago, and still aging very well, as was the Chaucer’s. All the spirits in the house are around five years old, and some are even older. Neither of us drank except on special occasions, and we tended to buy only spirits we liked. When we found something we liked, we would usually buy several bottles, knowing that a good single malt, or a quality wine, tended to just get better with age.

After dinner, B had to rush off, but everyone else gathered around the big screen TV, popped in the DVD of “Mary Poppins“, one of Barbara’s favorite movies, and laughed until we cried. Not literally, but we did have a great time. Poppins is a great film, even for old fogies like me. I found myself singing along with “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious“, and laughing and giggling like a 6 year old. That movie is truly timeless.

One guest was unable to make it, as she caught something contagious, and chose not to “share the love”. Though she was missed, her decision was most appropriate, and appreciated. S, next time, maybe?


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