Strange new sleep development

It’s nothing new that I haven’t been going to sleep at what would be considered a normal time for me. For months now, I’ve slept between four and six hours a night on average, beginning between 1am and 3am. Before, when Barbara was at home, I tended to be ready for bed and asleep no later than about 11pm, and would sleep for eight to nine hours a night.

Like I said, I am now seldom ready for bed before 1am, and it is often closer to 3am. I can think of several reasons for that, all valid. That’s been my modus operandi for many months now, and it’s not what this post is about. The strange new development? Sudden involuntary sleep onset, particularly between the hours of 6pm and 8pm, along with the need to fight off microsleep several times a day in the afternoon. This has been going on for the last ten days or so.

I suspect the problem may be related to a recent dosage increase of gabapentin, made in an attempt to better control the fibromyalgia pain. Once again, a drug I was already on for another reason, and tolerating well. So the thinking is, again, “You’re on a pretty low dose, let’s increase that, and see if it helps your fibro.” This was “instead of adding another drug [Savella] to your already complicated regimen.”

The excessive sleepiness is a recent enough development that’s it’s unlikely to be a result of my admittedly broken circadian rhythms. My day / night schedule has been “wrong” for so long now I can barely remember it being right. No, I’m pretty certain this is another drug side effect. Guess a call to a doctor’s office is in order this week, as I’m not scheduled for a follow-up with that doctor again until almost two weeks.


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  1. Bleuz00m says:

    I just came across something worth sharing that related to grieving and its impact. But first, two thoughts to share: wondering if the bursts of involuntary sleep may be related to diabetes management? I know if I consume high carb food – more than 15 carbs, that is — in one meal, I’m fast alseep in 30 minutes. A simple apple can do it, too, though my issues are hypoglycemia-related that I self manage. Just a thought, here? Wondering if the new meds are somehow interfering with your insulin management? You KNOW I’m not a doctor, but I read and retain all that I can from Medscape/Lancet et al when something concerns me, or something is affecting someone in my circle of friends.

    Here is an NPR segment about grief and Emotional Pain from August that might offer you some insights? It touches on the recent changes to DSM regarding psychiatric disorders, their diagnoses and treatment.
    (text and audio)
    Sharing this with you with only the best of intentions, with kindness and concern for you.

    Amy aka ‘Bleuz00m’

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