Tile skating

If you’ve ever been to my current home when it was raining, you probably know that the back patio is extremely slippery when wet. It rained a good bit this morning before I left to go to the gym for my workout. Since my roommate was driving today, and her car was in the garage, we went out the back door headed to the garage. I bet you can see where this is going, can’t you?

Yes, that’s right, I went tile skating this morning. My right foot lost its grip on that tile, and I did a completely unplanned split. Well, it was as close to one as I am physically capable of in any case. At some point, my left knee also came in contact with that tile as well, skinning it in the process. But more significantly, I strained the left thigh, and the left side of the middle back. No I didn’t let any of that deter me from going to the gym (LA Fitness BTW). I did reduce the intensity and the weight though. Minor injuries are not going to deter me. If I can workout through a fibro flare, I can work through that bit of pain.

About Janet Logan

I am a well educated transgender woman, a lesbian, and an eclectic Pagan. I am polyamorous, kinky, loving, and giving. I am a caretaker type, who often fails miserably at self care. I have fibromyalgia and major depression, and antidepressants make me suicidal. I am a widow. The day that my wife died, the doctor came to me asking for permission to stop life-saving measures. I said the words "call it" to the doctor, thus finalizing her death. I am complex, complicated, and worth the effort.
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