Nice surprise in the mail

I got a letter from the IRS yesterday. No really, it was a nice surprise. I’m not being facetious. You see, I’ve been paying off my 2011 taxes this past year due to an employer screw-up. After Barbara died in 2010, I filed for 2010 as married filing jointly, as was my right. Once 2011 started, I turned in a W-4 indicating a change in status to single. They didn’t process it, and due to a tax rate increase that year, I didn’t notice. I ended 2011 with a huge tax bill.

So what good news did I get from the IRS? I got the notification that the next payment will be the final one, and it will be smaller than all the others I’ve been making! Hooray for getting some of my money back. Of course, it turns out, having done my 2012 taxes (but not yet filed), I discovered last week that I will still owe for that tax year. Ah well, it’s a smaller amount, and one I can save up between now and April 15.

All in all, if you have to get a letter from the IRS, that’s not a bad one to get, now is it?

About Janet Logan

I am a well educated transgender woman, a lesbian, and an eclectic Pagan. I am loving, and giving. I am a caretaker type, who often fails miserably at self care. I have fibromyalgia and major depression, and antidepressants make me suicidal. I am a widow. The day that my wife died, the doctor came to me asking for permission to stop life-saving measures. I said the words "call it" to the doctor, thus finalizing her death. I am complex, complicated, and worth the effort.
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