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The Grieving Room: I Guess I Made It

Crossposted from The Grieving Room at Daily Kos by wyldraven On the eighth of June, I will mark the one year anniversary of Barbara’s death. I still don’t know exactly how I will do so. Anecdotal evidence indicates that most … Continue reading

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It’s been nine months since she died

Nine months ago, the one true love of my life, my Barbara, passed away. The pain is only slightly less intense than it was in the first weeks. I was so busy then. There were two memorial services to plan, … Continue reading

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Quick update

Fibromyalgia is still flaring, but the warmer weather seems to have helped. I don’t do well with cold. That’s one of the main reasons I avoided moving to where Barbara would have preferred to live. Finances are still tight, but … Continue reading

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Six months ago, or “A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime?”

June 8. Six months ago. And I am still here, and slowly getting better. I wonder still if I will ever be better. Or is grief, like life, a journey with only one way out? Will I grieve the rest … Continue reading

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Went to see the therapist today, for the first time since Barbara died. (We have history, as he was treating her for complex PTSD before her hospitalization, and I was going with her.) The session helped me a lot. No … Continue reading

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Why Do We Deny Ourselves The Right To Grieve?

I think it is time we stop trying to treat grief as a mental illness, and allow people the right to grieve in this society. There are valid sociological, psychological, and physiological reasons for grief, or we wouldn’t experience it.

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The Dangers of Cymbalta

OK, for a while there, it seemed as though Cymbalta was helping me cope. This past weekend, though, the truth raised its ugly head and bit me. I developed severe adverse reactions to it. Not any serious physical ones, but … Continue reading

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Doctor’s visit on Monday

Yeah, I’m a little slow reporting back. So sue me. No, on second thought, don’t. I have high-powered attorneys. Seriously, though, I’ve been a little too busy to update. Life happened. Nothing I care to talk about. Suffice it to … Continue reading

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Monday, anti-depressants, and support groups

Midday Monday I go see the doctor who originally put me on Cymbalta. She’s the neurologist who is treating me for epilepsy and fibromyalgia.

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Four months ago

In a few hours, it will be four months since Barbara died from complications of lupus. In that time, I have found a way to continue day-to-day.

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