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Tile skating

If you’ve ever been to my current home when it was raining, you probably know that the back patio is¬†extremely¬†slippery when wet. It rained a good bit this morning before I left to go to the gym for my workout. … Continue reading

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I of I

Infinite Infinities, and sugary sweet memories. Continue reading

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Santa Left a Forwarding Address

Wherein the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes. Continue reading

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Quick update

Fibromyalgia is still flaring, but the warmer weather seems to have helped. I don’t do well with cold. That’s one of the main reasons I avoided moving to where Barbara would have preferred to live. Finances are still tight, but … Continue reading

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Dinner and movie

The dinner party turned out well. We had much fun, lots of good food, good company, and good laughs.

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Today is Barbara’s birthday

It doesn’t matter that she is no longer here. December 12th will be her birthday as long as I draw breath. Ancient Egyptians believed that as long as your name was remembered, you would live on eternally. Every day, but … Continue reading

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Fun with MUD

“You only have those rights you are willing to defend.” Continue reading

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Six months ago, or “A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime?”

June 8. Six months ago. And I am still here, and slowly getting better. I wonder still if I will ever be better. Or is grief, like life, a journey with only one way out? Will I grieve the rest … Continue reading

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HMO Incompetence – Why Am I Surprised?

Just found out when my appointment with the HMO psychiatrist is. My PCP referred me for treatment of the withdrawal from Cymbalta, and evaluation as to need for any other treatment for depression. So how important is treatment for symptoms … Continue reading

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Withdrawal arrives

Well, the first of my withdrawal symptoms have arrived. I am fighting extreme sleepiness (somnolence) and severe dizziness. I guess the good news is that I am starving. I’m actually hungry for the first time in months. The bad news … Continue reading

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