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Police to drop off undocumented immigrants at Congressional Offices? Only in Texas.

That’s right. A state legislator in Texas has introduced a bill to instruct law enforcement to turn over custody of undocumented immigrants (“illegal aliens”) to members of Congress. (ht ThinkProgress).

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More Republican hypocrisy

Exclusive: Bankruptcy of Edwards challenger Bill Flores’ business cost taxpayers $7.5 million | The Dallas Morning News … Although Bill Flores, a retired Bryan energy executive, has said all creditors were fully repaid with interest, court records show otherwise. The … Continue reading

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This is good country music!

Can you tell I’m from Texas? Nothing better than Gary P. Nunn and Jerry Jeff Walker when I’m feeling low! Posted from WordPress for Android

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Am I a Texas Republican?

Quiz based on Texas Republican Party platform for 2010 Continue reading

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When Politicians Set Curriculum Standards …

The Texas State Board of Education is an embarrassment to Texas, and a danger to the entire country. It is time to dismantle it completely, and start over with professional educators. Continue reading

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Guns, kittens, giant rats …

Kirk Watson (D – Texas State Senator), tells us a hilarious story about guns, kittens, and giant rats. No, Seriously. Continue reading

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