Police to drop off undocumented immigrants at Congressional Offices? Only in Texas.

That’s right. A state legislator in Texas has introduced a bill to instruct law enforcement to turn over custody of undocumented immigrants (“illegal aliens”) to members of Congress. (ht ThinkProgress). Continue reading

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Another try with anti-depressants for fibromyalgia

This past Tuesday, I started a very low dose of amitriptyline for my fibro, with instructions to “ramp up” the dosage as needed and tolerated. I started at 10mg, with instructions to increase dosage in 10mg steps up to 50mg per day. Continue reading

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I of I

I know some of you are already rolling your eyes at the sugary sweet memory I am about to share, and some of you have no idea what is coming. Continue reading

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Will You Cry for Me, John Boehner?

Tell Speaker Boehner Who He Should be Crying For
Below, share your personal struggle with the healthcare system (anonymously if you prefer) or share other reasons for concern (like how millions will fall into poverty if Congress cuts Medicare) with Speaker Boehner.

Will You Cry for Me, John Boehner?

I shared my story, or is it Barbara’s? Continue reading

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Tried to go out last night

I tried to go out last night, and ended up totaling my car. And it wasn’t even really my car. It was Barbara’s car. At least that is what the title says. No one was hurt, but I was ticketed for failure to control speed. Fine is $270, which I can ill afford, now that I have no car. Life sucks a bit right now.

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Been Absent A While

I know I have been AWOL for a bit. I’ve had some issues with fibromyalgia that have made it a challenge for me to even manage my IADLs. Sleep is still problematic. I’ve slept anywhere from 8 – 10 hours a day, and it’s still at least two hours after I wake before it feels like my head is clear enough to do anything. And of course, pain is a constant companion when I am up and about. I have to admit, I miss Cymbalta’s effect on my pain.

So, yes, I am still here.

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In light of events in Arizona

I offer a version of the Prayer of Saint Francis, for those of us who see the Divine as feminine, that I worked up a while back. I did this for my own needs, but I think we need a national discussion, and this is my contribution. What happened in Arizona should not happen in this nation. Continue reading

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Strange new sleep development

It’s nothing new that I haven’t been going to sleep at what would be considered a normal time for me. For months now, I’ve slept between four and six hours a night on average, beginning between 1am and 3am. Before, when Barbara was at home, I tended to be ready for bed and asleep no later than about 11pm, and would sleep for eight to nine hours a night. Continue reading

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Santa Left a Forwarding Address

Santa Left a Forwarding Address: The North Pole – Sarah Klein for the NY Times

“Have you seen the letters?” I overheard a girl in a hair-sprayed beehive ask her friend, who was wearing a skinny tie.

“Have you seen the letters?” I heard when I waited to get myself a spiced eggnog and some shrimp cocktail.

I was intrigued, and when Jim, our tall, rosy-cheeked, cardigan-clad host, came barreling up to me, I had to ask: “Jim, what are these letters everyone is talking about?”

OK, anyone who knows me, knows that I am the quintessential Grinch. I have no use for Christmas. I differ from the well-known Grinch only in that I don’t begrudge others their celebration. I do ask that they don’t push it in my face. Continue reading

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No, we have not found the cause of CFS/ME

Apparently, like many others, I was premature when I wondered Have we found the cause of ME/CFS and FMS? Scientists have discovered that the XMRV positive results were almost certainly a case of lab contamination. Ah, well, on to the next theory, I suppose. Until then, I live the best life I can.

Contamination Invalidates Study That Linked Virus to Chronic Fatigue.

… Towers’ team said the XMRV in the studies that linked it to CFS was from contamination by a laboratory cell line. The sequences from the contaminated cell line and chronic fatigue patient samples were very similar, which is contrary to what scientists would expect from a virus if it were spreading in humans. …

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