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When Politicians Set Curriculum Standards …

The Texas State Board of Education is an embarrassment to Texas, and a danger to the entire country. It is time to dismantle it completely, and start over with professional educators. Continue reading

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How the Conservative movement set out to intentionally sabotage our democracy

Thomas Frank on the Bush administration: Sabotage by design Salon.com — The author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” discusses the corrosive relationship between conservatives and business, liberal bias and his new book about Republican misrule.

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Christian Black Magic aimed at Mikey Weinstein

From The Wild Hunt by Jason Pitzl-Waters Christian Military and Malicious Magic

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Religious zealots at the back door of America

How Fake American History Feeds Christian Nationalism

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House Resolution honoring Christmas

I’m seeing a good deal of concern about this action* that just went through the U.S. House of Representatives. I think it’s time I said my piece on it. Now, I am right there with everyone who has commented on … Continue reading

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Very interesting article

10 Ways YOU Can Fight Fascism Around the World

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Finally, I can understand the news!

Uncle Jay Explains the News – November 25, 2007

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Paganism, environmentalism, liberalism: All false gods to anger JHVH?

American Thinker: The Return of the Old Gods: A Challenge to Green Evangelicals

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Idiot America – The dumbing-down of the United States

Fantastic piece on the anti-intellectualism running rampant in this country. There are some serious “blink, blink” moments in here. […] And in Dover, Pennsylvania, during one of these many controversies, a pastor named Ray Mummert delivers the line that both … Continue reading

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On religious fascism in America

Sinclair Lewis said: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross.” I truly believe it has arrived. Why do I say that? A lot of reasons.

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