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Visit to psychiatrist today

Saw the psychiatrist today, at the urging of my primary care doctor. She didn’t feel at all qualified to handle the issues brought about by my “Fun with Cymbalta“. So off to see a psychiatrist I went. This was the … Continue reading

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Why Do We Deny Ourselves The Right To Grieve?

I think it is time we stop trying to treat grief as a mental illness, and allow people the right to grieve in this society. There are valid sociological, psychological, and physiological reasons for grief, or we wouldn’t experience it.

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Last Night’s ER Visit

Yes, I went to the ER last night.

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HMO Incompetence – Why Am I Surprised?

Just found out when my appointment with the HMO psychiatrist is. My PCP referred me for treatment of the withdrawal from Cymbalta, and evaluation as to need for any other treatment for depression. So how important is treatment for symptoms … Continue reading

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Latest on my recovery from Cymbalta

Can’t reach the psychiatrist assigned by my HMO. Left message at intake, and got zero response. Still having physical symptoms. Intermittent nausea, constant headache, intermittent dizzy spells. Brought my dog home. Laura graciously brought her last night. She assumed, rightly, … Continue reading

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Withdrawal arrives

Well, the first of my withdrawal symptoms have arrived. I am fighting extreme sleepiness (somnolence) and severe dizziness. I guess the good news is that I am starving. I’m actually hungry for the first time in months. The bad news … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Cymbalta

OK, for a while there, it seemed as though Cymbalta was helping me cope. This past weekend, though, the truth raised its ugly head and bit me. I developed severe adverse reactions to it. Not any serious physical ones, but … Continue reading

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