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Torture and the rule of law

Those who have sanctioned or been indifferent to Bush lawbreaking have no grounds to feign outrage over the latest torture revelations. Glenn Greenwald says it best again. We letftist hysterics are screeching at the top of our collective lungs, and … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end of the destruction of our Constitution

Finally, the Bush administration system of injustice is starting to fall apart. The Supreme Court just issued an historic decision restoring the rule of law to the prison at Guantánamo. This is a stunning blow to the Bush administration’s system … Continue reading

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Now this man is making some sense

Newsweek: The Case for National Service

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Can we find him?

Habeas is missing. Would you like to help us find him?

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More on the Padilla terrorism case

Feds appeal dismissal of Padilla terror charge

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