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More on US War Crimes

Red Cross finds Bush administration guilty of war crimes […] When asked by Maddow if the chances are now greater that Bush will be prosecuted now or after leaving office by the international community, Turley compared the situation to Serbia … Continue reading

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Torture and the rule of law

Those who have sanctioned or been indifferent to Bush lawbreaking have no grounds to feign outrage over the latest torture revelations. Glenn Greenwald says it best again. We letftist hysterics are screeching at the top of our collective lungs, and … Continue reading

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And don’t think he won’t pardon himself while he is at it….

Beware Bush’s preemptive strike on torture […] don’t be surprised if some time before Inauguration Day 2009, President George W. Bush issues a blanket presidential pardon to ensure that those who organized and implemented brutal interrogation techniques such as “waterboarding” … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas Challenges Bush Admin on Use of Torture

You go for it, Helen! The White House said it does not torture, but recent reports show that key admin officials planned the use of torture in the White House. Helen Thomas asks for answers at WH press briefing. […]

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ACLU: Demand Accountability for Top-Down Torture

Demand Accountability for Top-Down Torture Friday night, in a national television interview on ABC News, President Bush directly admitted what we have suspected all along: The White House was deeply and intimately involved in decisions about the CIA’s use of … Continue reading

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Is anyone really surprised?

Bush’s Veto of Bill on C.I.A. Tactics Affirms His Legacy

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“America doesn’t torture”* – G. W. Bush

Wired magazine just released a batch of ten new Abu Ghraib photos (warning, they’re graphic) [NSFW: Viewer discretion is advised], among them a picture of a naked detainee bleeding profusely from his left leg and another of a female soldier … Continue reading

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Acting assistant AG undergoes waterboarding, says it is torture

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboarding Critic Former DOJ Official Tested the Method Himself, in Effort to Form Torture Policy

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And in other torture news…

Mukasey nomination clears hurdle

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The Rude One on Democratic cowardice

Schumer Makes Sure We Get the Attorney General We Deserve

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